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Turf Connections Brings the Technology of Trebro Manufacturing

Trebro Manufacturing

In May 2013, Turf Connections made the decision to bring innovative harvesting equipment from Trebro Manufacturing to the farm. The Trebro SC2010 self-propelled, automatic stacking roll harvester helps us harvest turf more efficiently for our customers.

The Trebro SC2010 has a comfortable, roomy driver station with a 90 degree rotating seat. This means less operator fatigue, and excellent visibility of cutting head, conveyor, and stacker. Operators have on-the-go adjustment of thickness, pallet size, and roll length. The 24 inch cutting head produces an excellent cut, while the Trebro roll-up system produces tight, neat rolls which can be set to stack flat top or pyramid top stacks up to nine layers high.

Lightweight design and large flotation tires equal superb flotation in all soil conditions, with minimal soil impact.

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2434 Brocks Mill Road
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