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From Dead Lawn to Dream Lawn: How Palisades Zoysia Completed a South Carolina Home

Dream Lawn
By Alyssa Sanchez


Wanda Woods stands in the front yard of her home in Bennetsville, South Carolina and smiles ear to ear. For the first time since she purchased her home, she can look out over a lush, green lawn.

Woods found her dream house in 2005. The front of her ranch-style home is bricked-faced with a simple white trim, black window shutters and red front door. But in the 12 years Woods has lived here, she’s been unable to establish grass on her barren lawn. With clay soil and no irrigation system, grass just wouldn’t grow. “When I purchased the house it was already bald, but I loved the house so much I thought maybe I could work on the grass,” Woods said.

With each attempt Woods made to establish a lawn, and there were three of them, the South Carolina summer heat would dry it out.

Enough was enough.

“I have a small yard,” Woods said. “But I just wanted grass!”

After a simple Google search, Woods found the Turf Connections website. Turf Connections grows and harvests a variety of zoysia and bermudagrasses in Cheraw and Springfield, South Carolina. Turf Connections delivers and installs grass for homeowners and commercial properties in North and South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia. She liked the Turf Connections website and was delighted to learn they were a local business. She talked with Marc Marsh, owner of Turf Connections, and explained her past challenges. Marsh recommended she plant Palisades Zoysia, a grass known for its high heat tolerance and low water use.

“We encouraged Ms. Woods to use Palisades since her lawn wouldn’t be irrigated,” Marsh said. “Palisades is very durable and drought tolerant.”

A few days after Marsh and Woods talked on the phone, he and his team arrived at her home to install the grass. They began to lay down the grass before she left for work, and when she came home she was greeted with a green lawn.

“I was doing it alone when I was planting the grass before. So to come home and have it already be done was a breath of fresh air and worry-free,” Wood said. “I found Turf Connections to be people of integrity. A yes is yes, and a no is no. I am just overall happy with the experience.”

Two weeks after the grass installation, Alex Rhodes, a member of the Turf Connections team, returned to her home to apply a 16-4-8 fertilizer to her lawn to ensure healthy rooting. Her new and improved lawn has even caught the attention of her neighbors.
“My neighbors were very supportive. My next door neighbor said ‘You’re making my yard look bad!” Woods said.

After more than a decade, Woods finally has grass to be proud of.

“Not until Turf Connections did I get the full dream house,” Woods said. “I loved the house, but the framing wasn’t there, the grass frames the house. It’s perfect now.”

For more information on Palisades Zoysia, sod delivery or installations, contact Turf Connections at (843) 862 8873.

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