Palisades™ Zoysia

Palisades™, Zoysia japonica, is a vegetatively produced, medium broad textured, high density turf suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and roughs, sports fields, industrial parks and highway medians.

Palisades™ Zoysia is a medium to coarse textured turf noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements. It tolerates mowing as close as 1/2″ with good weed competitions ideally as high as 2″ to 2-1/2″ for home lawns. Palisades™ close mowing tolerance makes it ideal for use on golf course fairways especially where water availability is of concern.

Features :
  • Texture: Medium to Coarse
  • Density: Uniform
  • Propagation: Stolons and Rhizomes
Benefits :
  • – Low Water Use Salt, Shade & Heat Tolerant.
  • – Cold Hardy Excellent Establishment
  • – Rapid Re-growth with Few Seed Heads Tolerates Close Mowing (1/2″)
  • – Vertical Growth (Less trimming)
Specifications :

Palisades™ Zoysia was developed by Dr. Milt Engelke and Texas A&M University. Palisades™ is distinguished from other zoysia grasses by its aggressive regrowth by rhizomes and stolons, medium-coarse texture, and good winter hardiness, tolerance to low mowing, good-excellent shade tolerance, and low water use requirement. The target market for the Southeast will include those turfs presently being planted to St. Augustine grass. Palisades™ has tested resistant to Pythium, moderately resistant to Rhizoctonia blight, moderately resistant to Tropical sod webworm, tawny mole cricket and zoysia mite. It is tolerant to low mow conditions and initiates spring growth earlier in the spring. Palisades™ will perform well for fairways and roughs of golf courses as well as home lawns and commercial sites. A patented variety, unauthorized propagation is prohibited.

Maintenance :

Palisades™ Zoysia can be established as sprigs, plugs or as solid sod and will require between 3 and 4 pounds of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet per year for a highly maintained turf, to a more modest 1-1/2 to 3 pounds for a high quality, low maintenance turf. Palisades™ is classified as having low irrigation needs, requiring one to two deep irrigations per month during dry periods. Higher irrigation frequency will provide excellent quality turf, but may also demand additional fertilization. Irrigation water should be supplied providing for deep penetration with infrequent application to maximize plant performance and nutrient efficiency. When maintained as a golf course fairway or sports field, Palisades™ will require two weekly mowings with a reel mower at heights ranging from 1/2″ to 7/8″. When utilized for home lawns, the rotary mower will provide quality turf with weekly mowings.

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